Cristiano Rolando : Footballing Mastermind

Footballing legends like CR7,
Never tend to grow old,
But with experience and practice,
A stronger grip on perfection they hold;

Among all the attackers,
CR7 is the best,
Bit when he is not playingthe match,
I lose all my interest;

When he gets hold of the ball,
He sprints faster than a Lightning Beam,
And meeting CR7,
Is my only dream;

With his left and right foot,
He plays equally well,
And Cristiano Ronaldo’s name,
In the Hall Of Fame, would dwell;

He scores goals very easily,
Because he can quickly think,
And when Ronaldo powerfully shoots,
It’s a goal before my eye’s blink;

Words can’t express,
My admiration for CR7,
Because when he plays a match,
Even Gods watch him from Heaven;

– Parth Bhatia (@thefirstparth on Twitter)