Teachers : Sculptors of Tomorrow

“It is we who see dreams, it’s the teachers who
help us chase them.”

With the spirit of affection, teachers do teach,
The noise of naughty children, they do endure,
Sculpting the talents of every child,
The mistakes of students they correctively ignore;

It takes an experienced teacher,
To take control of live’s most important part,
When they nurture our immature minds,
And sow seeds of humanity in our heart;

For a child to climb the ladder of success,
Teachers eagerly give their helpful advice,
And by flapping the wings of excellence,
Above the heights of admiration, a student would

Gold coins of morality from the treasure of
Teachers happily give away, As they concentrate
on the careers of leaders of tomorrow,
Or better yet, the children of today;

-Parth Bhatia.