Teachers : Sculptors of Tomorrow

“It is we who see dreams, it’s the teachers who
help us chase them.”

With the spirit of affection, teachers do teach,
The noise of naughty children, they do endure,
Sculpting the talents of every child,
The mistakes of students they correctively ignore;

It takes an experienced teacher,
To take control of live’s most important part,
When they nurture our immature minds,
And sow seeds of humanity in our heart;

For a child to climb the ladder of success,
Teachers eagerly give their helpful advice,
And by flapping the wings of excellence,
Above the heights of admiration, a student would

Gold coins of morality from the treasure of
Teachers happily give away, As they concentrate
on the careers of leaders of tomorrow,
Or better yet, the children of today;

-Parth Bhatia.


Cristiano Ronaldo: The Saga

Ronaldo runs very fast,
And always shoots between the 2 poles,
And I wish that in the next season,
He would score a 100 goals;

He is the rightful winner,
Of all the awards,
Because his skills are praised of,
Even by the Gods;

Whenever CR7 shoots the ball,
It goes and kisses the net,
And he would be the Player of 2013,
Everyone could fearlessly bet;

CR7 was made the Brand Ambassador,
Of games like Pro Evolution Soccer,
Because he scores every goal in a different way,
And he is not a mocker;

The best thing about Ronaldo is,
His stance during the free-kick,
And he looks very smart,
When he gives his hair a backward slick;

He is a dashing model,
And an amazing Football Star,
And I wish that in his career,
He would go very far;

The Dark Side of India

We live in India,
It is our Mother Land,
But we have given it,
To the politician’s corrupt hands;

Back in the 40′s,
When Gandhi Ji fought,
In the schools,
Patriotism was taught;

After our freedom,
From Britishers we became free,
And now for our corrupt nation,
We cannot blame thee;

Back in the past,
When our soldiers were great,
Our ‘now enemy’ nation,
Pakistan was our mate;

For our support,
Anna Ji protested,
But our cruel government,
Had him arrested;

For the safety of India,
Great and brave soldiers bleed,
But there is still gossip,
About the politician’s greed;

There are many scams,
Like the one of coal,
In which our politicians,
Greatly played their role;

There is Mr. A. Raja,
Who did the 2G scam,
But now resting in his bungalow,
He’s eating bread and jam;

The condition of India,
Is going bad to worse,
And now the youths will have,
To save it from corruption’s curse;

-Parth Bhatia

True Friend

There is nothing more good,
Than a true friend,
And in your need,
Everything he would lend;

Money should’nt matter,
When 2 friends may meet,
But atleast you should welcome him,
With a memorable, warm greet;

Keep your friend happy,
A boy or a girl,
Because a true friend,
Is rare than the rarest pearl;

The memories of your friend,
You should never forget,
Because if ever he leaves you,
You will cry and regret;

A true friend for you,
Will always wait,
Because in his life
You’re a portrait, intimate;

When I needed help,
Behind the trees, to find him, I looked,
But then I found out that,
Beside me, he always stood;

– Parth Bhatia

Cristiano Ronaldo : The Perfect Footballer

Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro,
Is his full name,
But it were only his footballing skills,
That eventually made him gather such fame;

He gave his career,
A tremendous start,
And sometimes with hispowerful shoot,
He tends to tear the goal-net apart;

He is a footballer,
Who always strives towards success,
And no Club in the World can buy him,
Because his skills are priceless;

Watching him play on the field,
The audience tends to hoot,
Because there is no goal-keeper,
Who can block his powerful shoot;
He is the man,
Called the ‘Free-Kick King’,
Because when he shoots the ball,
It goes with an erratic swing;

Ronaldo once truly said,
‘I’m living a dream I never want to wake up from’,
Because he is the onlyplayer,
Who runs faster than a storm;

When CR7 plays a game,
He gives his team his best,
Because he loves to earn money,
And knows that it won’t come from some Fictional Treasure Chest;

With his technique,
Admiration of more people he would gain,
Because he is the World’s Greatest Player,
And till the end of time,remain;

– Parth Bhatia

Football The Game

Football is a game,
Played be Eleven,
My favourite jersey,
Is number Seven;

There are Two teams,
Opposite each other,
They play the match,
Whatever may be the weather;

In a draw match,
There is a penalty shoot-out,
One team wins,
And the other is out;

When there is a goal,
Coach shouts ‘ Well Done! ! ‘,
With Two more goals,
The match is half won;

Pele was the man,
With the Golden Boot,
No one could stop the ball,
Which he used to shoot;

When Messi kicks,
The ball flies,
Then the goalkeeper,
Dives and tries;

Ronaldo is the man,
Called the Free-Kick King,
When he shoots the ball,
It goes with a swing;

After a goal,
If there is Offside,
The condition is like,
The Coach just died;

In a team,
There are attackers and defenders,
After the match,
They usually go to bar-tenders;

To play the game,
You have to be fit,
So the the football,
Could be easily hit;

Wearing his boots,
The player shoots,
Seeing the ball,
The audience hoots;

Captian has the Cup inhis hand,
People are shouting inthe stands,
The match is over today,
For the great footballers, we should pray;

Parth Bhatia